Space for Creativity to Work

Affordable Housing+Workspace+Economic Development Support

The Arts+Creativity Center (A+CC) represents a completely novel approach to community development that will combine affordable live/work rental space with shared workshop and community facilities, all amplified through on-site economic development support programming.

Housing Creative Entrepreneurs

The A+CC will serve lower-income creative entrepreneurs and their families. People from diverse backgrounds working in the visual arts, music, theater, dance, media arts, applied arts, healing arts, designers, entrepreneurs, writers, craftsmen, builders, makers, and people in related industries that support those professions.

Community Shared Resources

By integrating community resources such as shared workshop spaces, meeting rooms, exhibition spaces, performance spaces, and public open space, A+CC will support the surrounding neighborhood, the broader creative economy, and create a new kind of place that serves as a vibrant intersection of Santa Fe creative culture.

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Architectural Designs Released!

Posted on: May 22, 2017

"Now More Than Ever" Mural Project

Posted on: May 17, 2017

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