How to Apply

We are currently accepting applications for 2 and 3 bedroom units! If you are interested in applying, please contact Monarch Property Management at or call (505) 557-8449.

We are not accepting applications for 1 bedroom units at this time.

Please note: In order to qualify for a 2-BR unit, you must be a household of two members or more. In order to qualify for a 3-BR unit, you must be a household of three members or more and at least one of those members must be a dependent younger than 18 years old.

Application Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

Is there an application fee?

Yes. There will be a $30 application fee to cover the cost for the property management company to certify income and run a formal background check. The fee should not be sent with the initial application. A check or money order will be requested by the property manager once the applicant moves to that stage of the application process.

Project Timeline

When will the maker space be complete?

The maker space will be the second phase of the Siler Yard: Arts + Creativity Center. We anticipate construction on the space to begin once construction on the residential site has been completed later in 2022.

When will I be able to see the units?

We do not anticipate offering tours of the units at this point due to the pandemic. The property manager will be assigning units to applicants- applicants will not be able to pick their unit. Specification of unit size and any accessibility needs will be taken into account when housing applicants.

Application Requirements

Is there a minimum credit score to be considered for housing at Siler Yard?

During the application process, a credit check will be administered. However, low credit scores will not prevent applicants from being qualified for housing.

Will minor drug offenses prevent me from housing eligibility?

No. Applicants will be asked to disclose minor legal offenses in the application, but minor drug offenses will not prevent applicants from being qualified for housing.

Will evictions or unpaid rent disqualify me from housing?

Not necessarily. A recent rental eviction will most likely be a red flag during the application process due to the criteria set by our property management company. However, we are trying to approach evictions as flexibly as we can given the current situation with the pandemic. We will address these situations on a case-by-case basis.

Do you look at savings and other assets, or only income?

There is no asset limit to qualify for Siler Yard, but an applicant’s assets are calculated into their income. When determining income, the property manager will impute the passbook rate (or the base savings % rate) and will treat that calculation as part of an applicant’s annual income.

Will Siler Yard accept Housing Choice Vouchers (formerly Section 8) to assist with rent?

Yes. We welcome applicants with all types of rental assistance.

Will there be a security deposit?

Yes. The security deposit is based on unit size and income level. 

Will there be a pet fee?

Yes. We are still working out the details of what this will entail.

If I don’t have a recent rental history, who should I put down as a rental reference?

Applicants should list personal references in lieu of previous landlords. Not having a rental reference will not disqualify an applicant from housing.

Will residents need to re-certify their income or re-apply for housing each year?

Residents will be asked to re-certify their income each year, but will not be asked to re-apply each year. However, once a resident is initially accepted for housing, they cannot be denied housing in subsequent years on the basis of making above the federal income requirement. A resident’s rent may be raised or lowered based on if their income has increased or decreased after the re-certification process.

Our hope is that individuals who are able to benefit from Siler Yard and are making comfortable incomes would make this resource available for people with less means. But, we do not have a legal way of enforcing this culture around the project, and we don’t plan on enforcing it in the future.

Artist Preference

How does Siler Yard determine who is an artist?

We define the term “artist” broadly to encompass a wide variety of creative pursuits, including traditional art forms like painting, music and dance, and those as diverse as clothing design, woodworking and even low-rider painting. The Artist Interview Committee consisting of arts leaders in the local community interviews all applicants. The committee looks for evidence that applicants are seriously committed to their art and that they will be mindful and positive contributors to the building and community.

An Artist shall be defined as:

  • A person who self-identifies as an artist.
  • A person whose practice involves creating things.
  • A person who works in or is skilled in any of the fine arts, including but not limited to painting, drawing, sculpture, book art, mixed-media, and print-making.
  • A person who creates imaginative works of aesthetic value, including but not limited to fine video, digital media works, literature, costume design, photography, architecture, graphic design, and music composition.
  • A person who creates functional art, including but not limited to jewelry, rugs, decorative screens and grates, furniture, pottery, toys, and quilts.
  • A performer, including but not limited to singers, musicians, dancers, actors, and performance artists.
  • All culturally significant practices, including a culture bearer or practitioner, designer, technician, tattoo artist, hairdresser, chef/culinary artist, craftsperson, welder, teacher or administrator who is dedicated to using their expertise within the community to support, promote, present, and/or teach and propagate their art form.

Will Siler Yard accept applications from individuals who are not artists?

Anyone who qualifies for affordable housing may apply for residency at Siler Yard, but preference will be given to those applicants who participate in and are committed to the arts.

Do I need to receive most of my income from my artistic practice in order to qualify?

No. Applicants do not need to derive most of their income from their art. It is customary for artists to work in another field to support themselves, their dependents, and their art form.

How does the Artist Interview Committee (AIC) work?

The AIC will interview a self-identified artist applicant and will ask standard questions about their commitment to the arts and to the local creative community, as well as their interest in living in Siler Yard. Applicants are given an opportunity to answer questions, show their samples of their work, and ask any questions they may have at that time. In the AIC interview, applicants must be prepared to demonstrate that they are actively engaged in an art form, are willing and able to contribute to a cooperative/creative environment, and are commitment to engage in the greater community.

Will the AIC judge my work?

No. The AIC interviews applicants to determine their level of participation in, and commitment to, the arts. This body does not judge the content or quality of an applicant’s artistic work.

Will I need to provide samples of my work in order to be considered for the artist preference?

No. Samples are not required and will not inhibit an applicant’s chances of being offered housing.

If I am not an artist, what are my chances of being offered housing?

It is hard to say because it depends on how many artist applicants apply. There is a high level of interest in the project from the artist community, and artist communities like Siler Yard have little trouble in housing most of the units with individuals and families who qualify for artist preference.

In-State Preference

Will Siler Yard accept out-of-state applicants?

Anyone who qualifies for affordable housing may apply for residency at Siler Yard, but preference will be given to those applicants who currently live and practice their art in New Mexico.

If I am an out-of-state applicant, what are my chances of being offered housing?

It is hard to say because it depends on how many in-state applicants apply. If you are seriously considering living at Siler Yard and fit within the income restrictions, you should submit an application. All applications will be reviewed and any applicants who does not receive housing will be added to the waitlist.

Income Restrictions and Rent

What are the income parameters for the project?

The project is 100% income limited for households earning less than 60% of the area median income, which in 2019 is $30,780 for an individual or $39,540 for a family of three. The most affordable units in the project will be set aside for families at 30% of the area median income or below, which is $15,390 for an individual and $19,770 for a family of three. 

Will monthly income include accounting for other payments I make each month, like student loan payments, car loan payments, etc?

No. Monthly income is based on the gross income you make each month. Individuals who make above 60% AMI will not qualify for housing at Siler Yard. Siler Yard income restrictions are mandated by the Housing and Urban Development Department of the Federal Government. We unfortunately have no legal way to accept residents who make above qualifying income because of the use of low-income housing tax credits that make this project possible.

If I chose to apply with a roommate, partner, or friend, will their income need to be included in my application?

Yes. If you chose to live with another person in a unit, your combined incomes must fall below 60% AMI for a household of how ever many people will reside in the unit.

How much will monthly rent be?

Units set aside for people below 30% AMI will range from $427/mo for a one-bedroom unit to $592/mo for a three bedroom. Units at 60% AMI, the highest income level served, will range from $855/mo for a one-bedroom unit to $1185/mo for a three bedroom unit.

Will utilities be included in rent?

Yes, all utilities will be included in the price of rent except for internet/cable, which will be up to the resident to purchase through the property’s designated provider, Comcast.

What is the length of the lease for Siler Yard?

Residents will need to sign a 12-month renewable lease.

Life at Siler Yard

Will the units be pet friendly?

Yes. However, there will be some restrictions with regard to pets. For further questions on the pet policy, please email

Can residents smoke on the complex’s grounds or within their units?

No, there will be no smoking of any kind on the property.

How many of each unit type will there be?

There are 28 1-BR units, 30 2-BR units, and 7 3-BR units.

What is the square footage of each unit?

The 1-BR units are 700 sqft, the 2-BR units are a little over 1,000 sqft, and the 3-BR units are 1285 sqft.

How are the units structured?

The building configurations are mostly formatted with one-story, 1-BR units on the first floor, and two-story 2-BR units on the second and third floors. We have made ADA units of all types available on the first floor.

The 3-BR units are all in one building and they are two-stories with the exception of one of those units being ADA compliant.

How many handicap units are there?

There are five fully accessible units, three hearing impaired units, and there are a few more units that can be adapted to be made fully accessible in the future should that need arise.

Can I request a 3-bedroom unit if I am a couple/individual?

No. 3-BR units will be reserved for household of three people or more. All of the units are designed with live/work use in mind, they are larger than your typical units and offer enough space for an individual to both conduct their practice and live comfortably in a one-bedroom unit.

What special features will the units contain that make them focused on artist live/work?

All units will have outdoor storage and outdoor working area. All units have north and south light. Units include oversized front doors designed to allow for large items to come into the units. Units will have a large live/work area with a small kitchen in the corner- units are designed to be as flexible as possible for live/work capabilities. In each of these rooms, there is a large plywood backed wall for hanging art.

Have more questions about the unit design? Find out about the units here.

Will there be soundproofing?

Yes, we have included extra soundproofing in the walls, ceilings, and floors of the units. This will help mitigate noise levels in between units, but residents must also have an understanding that Siler Yard will be an active and lively community.

Will there be quiet hours?


Will there be noise restrictions?

The noise policy will be discretionary. Although we would like to maintain a copasetic environment for all of our residents, Siler Yard A+CC is not intended to be a quiet, artist retreat. The site is located in an industrial Santa Fe neighborhood, and the composition of artists living in the area range from poets and painters to metal workers and graffiti artists. We understand that individuals’ creative processes often differ, and individuals living within this community will need to be flexible (within reason) to noise and various other aspects with living in such a vibrant community.

Will there be enough parking?

There is more than enough parking! There are 120 parking spaces and every unit will have a dedicated parking space.

What are the green features of Siler Yard?

Siler Yard will include a utility scale solar array on top of each of the buildings. We will have highly energy efficient appliances and HVAC equipment with the goal of generating enough solar power to off-set the general consumption of the project.

This project will be the first net-zero multi-family housing in New Mexico!

What will the maker space entail?

The maker space will be a place where residents have access to tools, equipment, and spaces to conduct artistic practices that might be loud, messy, or include hazardous materials that are not suited for the residential units. We anticipate having a wood workshop, a metal workshop, co-working spaces, classroom spaces, and a small performance or studio space. It will be a space for both residents and the wider community.

Our partner for this part of the project is MAKE Santa Fe. Check out their website for more information!

This phase of development is expected to take place in the coming years following complete development of the residential portion of Siler Yard.

Will creatives that have artistic practices that include disruptive noises or toxic material be allowed to practice those activities in their units?

Artistic processes that are extremely noisy, require industrial zoning or involve hazardous materials will not be permitted to be conducted in the residential units at Siler Yard. We ask residents to limit those activities to the marker space in order to be respectful of fellow residents and health/safety guidelines.

What are the common areas in the property?

Siler Yard will have a community garden, a playground, a chicken coop, a basketball court, a classroom/studio space, a shared laundry facility, a community green space, and eventually the maker space. There will not be a pool at Siler Yard.

How will the common areas be monitored?

Common areas will be monitored by the property manager and a community group of residents. Areas such as the classroom/studio space and the greenway will be available for residents to reserve and use for events or gatherings.

Will there be studio space for dance/pilates/yoga instructors to teach?

Activities like this can be conducted in individual units. The property will also have a classroom space that will be available on a reservation basis. Eventually, the maker space building will greatly increase the space for these activities.

Will there be a community kitchen?

No. However, we are working with partner organizations to see what resources can be made available to artists whose practices are not conducive to the live/work space in the residential units.

Will there be washers and dryers in the units?

No. There will be a shared laundry facility for residents to use. The only units with washer/dryer in them are the 3-bedroom family units. There are not hook-ups in the 1 and 2- bedroom units.

Will the units have skylights?

No. Solar panels will be covering the entire roof of each building! But all units will receive north and south light. We have designed these units with light in mind.

Who will be Siler Yard’s internet/cable/phone provider?

Comcast will be the provider for Siler Yard. Residents are responsible for setting up and paying for their services.

Will the units be furnished?

No. The units will not include any furniture.

Can I receive mail at the property?

Yes. There will be a bank of USPS mailboxes onsite.

Is there air-conditioning in the units?


Can residents control the temperature in the units?


Will the apartments have regular inspections or checkups after people move in and how often?

The property manager has to conduct twice a year inspections at a minimum, and more frequently if there are specific complaints or other cause.

Can I have a person stay with me long-term?

No. As per federal restrictions, there needs to be a distinct difference between a visitor and someone who is living with you.

Can I sublet out my unit?

No. As per federal restrictions, these units are for primary residents of the income qualified households only at all times.

Can individuals conduct business from their units? Can residents advertise and sell from their units?

As per federal restrictions, residents will not be allowed to have any signage or business promotion on the outside of their units. Residents will also not be permitted to offer their unit as their published business address on their websites or printed materials. However, if residents would like to conduct business with clients in their units, they are free to do so on an appointment basis.

What do you expect from residents in this creative community?

We hope to have a collaborative, thriving, creative environment. After the project has been fully leased, it is our goal to be able to go to the residents and have the community self-determine rules and guidelines around shared space and community expectations.

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